Mini Ashty Dress

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Your favourite fall dress has been shrunk to fit your little darlings! A match made in heaven! Note: Kids have sensitive and soft skin and for that we chose to make the dress fully out of cotton materials. We understand the upper part may differ than the Adults Dress, which is made from a synthetic sheer fabric instead.

Care For Me ♡ If you want to wear this item forever and ever, please follow these instructions: Handwash in cold water, do not tumble dry, do not wring, iron inside out. Handle with love & care ❥

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Length S3 56cm I S4 57cm I S5 64cm I S6 67cm
Width Circumference S3 60cm I S4 68cm I S5 72cm I S6 80cm
Chest S3 42cm I S4 66cm I S5 72cm I S6 80cm
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