Made in egypt with love


Welcome To Our World

In the midst of an island, found in the land of desert, lies a teeny tiny white workshop, where a young girl at the age of 23 decided to make a 40-piece beach wear collection out of her grandma’s yearlong collected fabrics. She knew little about garments and production at the time, but her persistence and faith kept her going. Prints were infused; colors were harmonized; stitches were made and the dream finally came true..

In the summer of 2014, FUFA was born.

Designing for a community that shares a lust for travel, beautiful music, art and freedom! Our pieces are made to make every girl feel special, liberated and beautiful.

We’re wanderers, and we’ll be with you wherever you go…

Whether you’re tenting out in the deserts of Fayoum, dancing barefoot in to the tunes of a music festival or simply soaking up the serenity of Castle Zaman. We believe clothes embody memories, and we’d like to create them for you. In every shape and form.

In all the colors your heart desires. Explore and uncover; sing and dance; paint and laugh … Enjoy every minute life has to offer!

And if you’re doing just that wearing anything made by us, feeling free, happy and confident, then we’ll be satisfied that our clothes have played their part.In making you express yourself in the best way possible.



Meet The Team


Head of Production

عمة بدأت معايا في نوفمبر٢٠١٤ . كنت أنا نزلت أول موسم وبدأت اشتغل في موسم الشتاء من ساعة ما اشتغلنا مع بعض، نعمة !أظهرت نتائج عظيمة تعلمت بسرعة وكان دائما لها طريقتها الخاصة .لإنتاج القطعة في وقت قليل وبشكل ممتاز 'professional' دائماً تقولي على القطعة دي أما علاقتنا فهي عمرها ما كنت 'بروفشنل' ! بنتعامل ذي منكون أصحاب من زمان جنونها بيجنني وبيضحكني بس الحقيقة إني مش ❥ عرفة كنت هعمل إيه منغيرها

Farah El Ashiry (Fufa)

Founder & Designer


Khaled El Sinbawy

IT Consultant

The very first time I met Khaled was was also the first time I tasted the most incredible pancakes EVER!! Never would I have thought that he'd be the one guiding me into the E-commerce World! He's been more than helpful and great to work with and always answered ALL my IT concerns with pleasure! (They were A Lot)