Located in the oasis of Fayoum on a high hill facing a large salt water lake on one side and the beauty of the deserts on the other, Tunis Village is one of the most captivating and stress-free places in Egypt. Its primitive charm, artistic appeal and abundance of nature really make this place a magical wonder. The genius artist behind it all is Evelyne Porret, a potter from Switzerland, who moved here in the 1980s. She was the first potter in the village, and trained many of the local children the craft of pottery, who ended up creating their own pottery studio.

As you walk down the long narrow alley of the village, you're exposed to various workshops, ecolodges and villager's stone-made homes. Everyone welcomes you wholeheartedly to explore their place of making and living.

The art you see in the pottery they make is all inspired from the nature they see everyday...hues of blues, browns and greens make up their color palette ; palm trees, leaves and Arabic calligraphy are their source of muse. 

This collection is the first of a series of travel-inspired gem spots in Egypt we wish to expose to the world. All the prints are locally designed in collaboration with the village's artists and produced in Egypt. The prints, the selection of colors and the silhouettes of the clothing are made in a way to resemble the natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere found in Tunis Village.